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Psychological counseling of the couple

Psychological counseling of the couple

Psychological counseling of the couple is a branch of psychotherapy that focuses on solving problems and conflicts between life partners who cannot solve the difficulties within the relationship alone. Modern society encourages a constant improvement of the quality of life, which is why people have the opportunity to regain their personal harmony by calling on specialized help.


Here is how psychological counseling works for couples and what are its concrete benefits.

When the interaction with the life partner begins to be disturbed by various misunderstandings, postponing the request for professional support can have permanent negative consequences later. The couple's psychological counseling is an intelligent and mature approach to personal problems, often with unexpected and rapid results.

Psychological counseling and its development

The therapy sessions called simply "psychological counseling" invite the partners to sit face to face with a psychotherapist specializing in couple problems, which can help them express their thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner.

The primary purpose of this type of treatment is to help lovers understand themselves better and empathize with their partner's needs. After a brief review of the mutual needs, the specialist helps the two partners to assume the changes that are required, if they decide to continue their life together.

Couple counseling and sexual counseling

Since many people confuse these two types of psychotherapy, it is important to understand that the methods used by the couple counseling focus on all aspects of the relationship as a whole, while sexual counseling seeks to strictly address sexual dysfunctions.

Of course, the erotic failure is directly reflected on the other parts of the relationship, therefore the couple counseling can reach the sphere of intimate contact and its success. Like any other condition, the bad personal relationship between 2 people is "treated" by attacking the causes, not just the symptoms.

The success of the couple counseling consists in the efficient action of the specialist, who:

  • plays the role of the third objective part, which listens and brings to light the sources of problems;
  • analyzes the individual typology of the partners and the history of the relationship;
  • offers a new perspective on dissensions, which leads to a transformation into good;
  • acts as a mediator, eliminating misinterpretations from the discussion.

How do you realize you need couple counseling?

A set of questions asked by specialists can help you figure out whether or not your relationship would need a couple counseling sessions.

  • Did you get married when you were very young?
  • Couldn't you finish your studies the way you wanted?
  • Do you have financial problems?
  • Is your marriage based on mutual independence?
  • Did your parents get divorced?
  • Do you often criticize each other?
  • Do you have a defensive behavior against each other?
  • Do you tend to distance yourself from one another?
  • Do you sometimes feel disdain for your partner?

If you answered yes to most of the questions, then the risk of the relationship ending is very statistically high. People who do not have realistic expectations from the partner and relationship, who do not communicate effectively and who do not try to prevent future conflicts and could save the love relationship with the help of couples counseling therapy.

It is recommended that both partners regularly attend the meetings to get a real and clearer picture of the role and - especially - the mistakes that each partner makes.