Study: 28% of Romanians do not eat breakfast

Study: 28% of Romanians do not eat breakfast

Study: 28% of Romanians do not eat breakfast

How the little ones influence their parents' eating habits

Over a quarter of Romanians skip breakfast, a recent Nielsen study shows, quoted by Nestlé Nesquik. Moreover, the reasons most often mentioned by Romanians are that they do not feel the need for breakfast (31%) and do not have time (65%).

"It is very important for parents to adopt a healthy lifestyle, from which the correct and adequate diet should not be lacking. In addition, their eating behavior will be largely adopted by the little ones. Breakfast should not be lacking. absent from any family, being considered the most important meal of the day. At the morning meal we recommend an increased intake of nutrients, fiber and iron, all the more so as this meal comes after a night of fasting. the meal should provide the child with the amount of energy and nutrients needed to carry out an intense activity (intellectual and physical) during the first part of the day. for normal growth and development. It is also known that iron-rich foods are not always for children. In these circumstances, it is necessary for parents to overcome this obstacle and to make food as attractive as possible for the little ones, "he says Prof. Dr. Doina Anca Plesca, primary pediatrician, vice president of the Romanian Society of Pediatrics.

The recommendations of an inspired mom

"Since I became a mom, I am much more careful when it comes to their diet and mine. I know how influential children are in how I treat nutrition, so I try to be a role model for them. When I can, I try to involve them in the preparation of the dishes and have lunch together. That way, my little ones can see the pleasure with which I eat various foods. But sometimes it happens that my little ones make noses when it comes to less appetizing foods, such as those rich in iron. So I always strive to provide them from different sources this important nutrient for their development. E.g, iron is also found in Nesquik Opti-Start cocoa, which is to my child's liking, due to the delicious chocolate taste, "he said Monica Tapangea, the mother of two children - a 12-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy.

How to give your kid a rich FIER breakfast

Iron-rich foods include: poultry liver, red meat, fatty fish, eggs, lentils, green vegetables, and whole grains, which, in combination with foods high in vitamin C, can lead to better iron absorption by the body. .

At the same time, the new formula NESQUIK Opti-Start it has a unique content of vitamins and minerals, which helps the healthy growth of children: IRON for energy and concentration power, zinc for proper functioning of the immune system and vitamin D for proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus, the latter being contained by milk naturally.

The power of one's own example is the strongest ally that helps us influence the little ones, so don't forget -IRON every day!

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