How to overcome material problems after divorce

How to overcome material problems after divorce

Apart from the emotional and psychological collapse that you have to face after divorce, you are in a position to manage the imminent material problems after the conclusion of the life partnership with your ex-husband. If your love has also given birth to a child, the pressure to keep things under control and from a financial point of view becomes even greater. No matter how difficult it may seem, you will certainly find the power and effective strategies to help you overcome the unhappy episode. Here's how.

Material problems are the hardest way to begin to realize that there is life after divorce. Reality submits to a cold shower as ice, as a shock therapy, to gather your thoughts and to remove the deep wounds of your soul, because the bills do not know the meaning of compassion. So, until the sun decides to rise again at your window, come up with a coherent plan that will restore (at least) your financial comfort.

Analyze total revenue

The first step is to make an objective review of all your monthly income. Do not just rely on the salary from the job, because you can find adjacent sources that you have not carefully recorded so far: small amounts from consulting services, periodic bonuses from work, alimony from the father of the child, additional revenues from the sale of handmade items or homemade cakes, etc.

If you have not already started an additional activity near the service, now is the time to put it into practice. If you will spend your time constructively, you will gain two things at the same time: the much needed money and a permanent distraction from the sentimental failure you go through.

List the expenses

The second stage of your plan for resolving material problems after divorce is to make a list of expenses, to see black on white what are the priority needs and what you can eliminate. It starts with the payment of monthly maintenance bills, bank charges, utilities or medical insurance. Can't you afford to keep a huge house alone? Move to a more intimate home, where you will truly feel you are enjoying a new beginning.

Give up services without which you can live without problems (XXL subscription of the mobile phone, the intervention of a housekeeper 1 once every 3 days, the premium package of the cable TV, the ordering of food at home, etc.) and abide by the strictly necessary. You will be amazed how much you can save if you "attack" small things, which means huge once accumulated.

Remember, there is a difference between "needing" something and "wanting" that thing. Comfort yourself with the thought that these changes are only temporary, until you are rebalancing financially.

Prioritizes debts

After a brief comparison of income and expenses, it is possible to see that your debts exceed the limit of coverage of the amounts won. In this case, see what compromises can be made: some banks accept postponement of payment up to 1 year in special cases. You can even call for the deferral or sale of the goods you can give up (car, two of the 3 plasma TVs, jewelry, etc.).

Ask for help from family and friends

In such a delicate situation, your family and friends will definitely help you regain your material independence, even in the long run, if you prove your honesty. Explain to them the difficulties you face and present them the sustainable solution you have thought about.

They will be willing to give you a loan, which you must pay back later. Keep up to date with the evolution of things and return them small amounts periodically, by which to prove your seriousness. Thus, they will give you the necessary reason to recover financially.

Avoid new debts

Avoid falling into the trap of opening a credit card, which will give you comfort in the present and bury you in long-term debt. Do not spend more than you allow, postpone investment plans for things and projects for better times and train your self-control.

During a personal financial crisis, the smartest strategy is to minimize spending and find new revenue opportunities. After all, it is better to suffer a year and enjoy the future, than to exhaust 10 sources of loan and to condemn yourself to an austere life from a material point of view.

Many divorced women talk about the immense satisfaction they feel when they manage to offset all the hardships in the end and prove to themselves that they are able to care for and care for their children without outside help.

This gives them a sense of competence and confidence in their own strengths that they have never felt in life.

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