Health: Iron deficiency anemia in young women

Health: Iron deficiency anemia in young women

According to a research conducted in March, two out of ten young women have never performed their analyzes to determine the level of iron in the body, while less than 10% of the people interviewed have completed their analyzes last year. . Anemia due to iron deficiency is a common disorder among this category of population, which is why the recommendation of doctors is to perform the necessary tests with an annual frequency to follow an appropriate treatment, always recommended by the doctor.

According to research findings, women interviewed between the ages of 25 and 35, know that anemia can be caused by iron deficiency in the body and are aware of the importance of an optimal iron level for health. However, although about 60% of the respondents mentioned the latest medical consultation for another reason and that they suffer from lack of energy and performance in daily activities, as well as having a physical weakness, only 13 % of them said they would go especially to the doctor to investigate these symptoms.

"Iron is an essential element of a normal life because it is necessary for the production of energy in all organs. Moreover, iron participates as a catalyst in many reactions that ensure the normal development and functioning of organs. Therefore, when iron is absent, the whole body suffers, but the anemia - that is, the decrease in the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin - occurs late. and breastfeeding. The risk of iron deficiency increases in this category of people in the case of weight loss and poorly applied vegetarian diets. " declares Prof. Dr. Gabriel Mircescu, President of the Association "Anemia Working Group Romania".

The study shows a different perception of the female population compared to the medical reality regarding the persons in the risk groups of anemia due to iron deficiency. 80% of the respondents think that this is a common condition among the elderly rather than the active ones.

“Anemia due to iron deficiency is manifested by a state of chronic fatigue, lack of energy and headaches that lead to poor performance in daily activities. Moreover, the patients suffering from anemia have a pale complexion and have a physical weakness, dizziness, digestive problems and menstrual disorders. Nail changes and hair loss may also occur. In children, especially in children, iron deficiency can influence physical and intellectual development. ”Adds Prof. Dr. Gabriel Mircescu.

The doctor adds: "A special situation is that of pregnant women. If they have iron deficiency, the baby's development in the last trimester of pregnancy suffers, and after birth the amount of iron reduced in breast milk amplifies the disorders of physical and intellectual development of the baby. "

Complete analyzes for iron assessment in the body should be performed each year.

"Iron deficiency can be suspected when unexplained physical and mental fatigue, paleness, nail changes and hair loss. As I said, the risk is higher in young women, especially pregnant and breastfeeding women. Confirmation of iron deficiency is done through a set of laboratory analyzes: measurement of hemoglobin, assessment of iron deposits in the body by determining ferritin and available iron by determining transfer saturation. The study shows that only one in four women goes to consults annually, while 80% of the respondents go to the doctor rather for emergencies.It is one of the reasons why anemia and iron deficiency are frequently ignored and remain untreated.The treatment is extremely effective and can be done with oral or intravenous drugs. However, it has a duration of three months, because the recovery of not only the number of blood vessels but also the deposits must be ensured. iron." declares Prof. Dr. Gabriel Mircescu.

The study was carried out at the initiative of the Association "Anemia Working Group Romania" (AWG), and the results show the level of knowledge of the female public regarding anemia due to iron deficiency.

The research is part of the public information initiative "Anemia is your weakness! Test your iron! ”, Which aims to increase the level of knowledge of active women on iron deficiency anemia and on the risks that patients are exposed to if they do not correct this condition through a correct treatment, recommended by doctor.

The advice of the AWG specialists is that the young active women consider the state of anemia when they feel weak and bring this condition with their doctor to the next consultation.

According to World Health Organization statistics, about 30% of the population worldwide suffer from anemia, 2 billion people, and 50% of these cases are related to the lack of an optimal level of iron in the body.

The study was carried out by applying an online questionnaire at urban, national level, on a number of 1,184 respondents aged between 25 and 35 years.

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