Adolescent and alcohol consumption

Adolescent and alcohol consumption

Adolescence is a very vulnerable period, when children are more prone than ever to alcohol or banned substances. It is a stage in which entourage significantly influences the thinking of the child at this age, and alcohol consumption, often associated with smoking, is one of the distractions that young people often get used to. Here are the biggest dangers I care about as a teenager because of this addiction and how you can protect it!

In general, adolescents begin to drink out of curiosity, to relax, to the pressure of their surroundings or because it seems to them that it is a fun fashion. Others take the family model or start drinking alcohol in the background of emotional trauma, depression or simply because they already feel like adults and want to do "big people" things.

Dangerous effects of alcohol on adolescents

Alcohol is a danger that hurts adolescents and in the trap of falling many children, because it is far more accessible than drugs and considered less dangerous!

Among the most common short and long term consequences of alcohol abuse on adolescent health are:

  • difficulties of attention, concentration and memory;
  • risk of becoming an alcoholic (alcohol addiction);
  • risk of alcoholic coma;
  • liver disorders;
  • risk behaviors (impairing the ability to think and make responsible or rational decisions) - unprotected sex, drug use, smoking, etc .;
  • anxiety, depression;
  • vision and hearing disorders;
  • stomach disorders;
  • impotence;
  • intoxication;
  • predisposition to increased aggression and illegal activities.

How do you protect your teen from alcohol abuse?

Specialists warn that there is no amount of alcohol considered safe for adolescents. At this age, there is an increased risk that the occasional consumption of such drinks will turn into abuse, in the absence of an adequate education in this regard.

Although it is best to avoid these temptations altogether, more important than to forbid them to put their mouths on alcoholic beverages, it is to educate them as a child in this regard.

Addressing the topic of alcohol in the education of the child must be done since he was very young. Open communication in early childhood, on the side of the negative effects that this substance has on his health, helps prevent adolescent abuse.

Specialists have found that the time of day when adolescents are at risk of drinking alcohol is somewhere between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm, when they leave school and come to their parents' home. Involving the young man in an extracurricular activity, right after school, (painting courses, dances, sports, etc.) helps him avoid this temptation.

Being a child in a sport reinforces a strong education in this regard. Athletes know and understand how important health is to their performance and avoid falling into the trap of these dangerous behaviors, of alcohol or drug abuse.

When did you first discuss with your child about alcohol and its health hazard? How did you manage to keep him away from this temptation? Tell us your tips in the comments section below!

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