Take care of the health and beauty of your hair with the must-have kit of summer

Take care of the health and beauty of your hair with the must-have kit of summer

Klorane presents the summer must-have kit for hair protected from the effects of the sun

In summer, the hair needs more moisturizing and formulas to protect it from the aggressive effects of the sun, as well as the skin. Hair affected by the sun or sea water becomes dry, dehydrated, harsh, losing its shine and suppleness. At the same time, in the summer we are looking for practical and efficient solutions that can accompany us on trips and provide us with superior results for the beauty and health of the hair.

Especially to solve these problems and to provide a complete hair care routine during the hot months, Klorane Laboratories recommends the must-have summer kit:

Klorane range with Mango butter is a treatment line that restores, deeply hydrates and gives shine to dry and damaged hair. Due to the mango extract, it protects the hair fiber against the aggressive effects of the sun and limits the loss of water - thus preventing hair dehydration during the summer. The range consists of shampoo, conditioner and repair mask.

Klorane shampoo with Mango butter it repairs and protects the hair, being enriched with an additional infusion of lipoprotein and emollient wax, which softens and quickly combs the hair.

Klorane balm with Mango butter dress, rehydrate and restructure the hair. It does the hair and ensures softness and shine.

Klorane mask with Mango butter nourishes and repairs the extremely dry and damaged hair of the sun, ensures the intense and long-lasting restructuring of the hair strand and protects it.

Klorane dry shampoo with colorful texture - a practical innovation, easy to take in your holiday luggage or for the summer days when you need a quick hairstyle, with a product with superior results and on which you can rely. It revitalizes hair, absorbs sebum and gives it a clean, healthy and full volume appearance. Due to the natural mineral pigments of the formula, this dry shampoo ensures the hair a completely invisible finish, with a uniform natural hue, without leaving white traces on the hair, giving the hair an instant volume, texture and density.

The must-have summer kit for hair from the Klorane Botanical Laboratories is available in all pharmacies in the country and includes:

Klorane shampoo with mango butter, 200 ml - 30 ron

Klorane balm with mango butter, 150ml - 35 ron

Klorane repair mask with mango butter, 150 ml - 71 ron

Klorane dry shampoo with colored texture, 150 ml - 55 ron

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