How to prevent alcohol consumption in children

How to prevent alcohol consumption in children

Alcohol consumption is one of the greatest risks to the child, especially at the age of adolescence. Although alcohol dependence cannot be completely prevented, being caused by hereditary factors, which cannot be controlled, there are some essential measures by which you can substantially reduce the child's temptation to start drinking and fall into this type of passion. of addiction!

Be present in the life of your child!

Get involved in your child's life as much as possible. It is important to always know what you are doing, where you are, what your friends have, how you are doing in school or when you are not at home. Do not do it in an abusive or intrusive way, so that he feels his territory or privacy are invaded. Be subtle in how you get involved in his life and control him! It is important to feel that you are with him, that you care about what he does and that he is good to you.

According to the experts, parental involvement significantly reduces the chances of the adolescent taking up alcohol or other prohibited substances - drugs, smoking - and being influenced by others in this regard.

Educate the child about alcohol and its consequences!

The child should be educated from an early age on alcohol consumption and the dangers of abuse. Of course, the speech about alcohol must be adapted to the age.

The language should remain as simple, clear and concise. Do not use words and words that he cannot understand, as they will not affect him. If he does not understand what is explained to him, he will not be able to retain or apply the advice you give him.

Talk to him about how alcohol abuse alters your thinking and makes you no longer aware of what you are doing. Explain to them, especially in adolescence, about the risk of irresponsible behavior, which I enjoy when drinking alcohol without measure - unprotected sex, drug use, illegal activities, etc.

Impose rules and limits even small!

When the child is accustomed to rules and limits still small and knows that he is not allowed to overcome them, he is less tempted to take up alcohol. A firm but not abusive discipline is one of the most effective methods of preventing alcohol consumption in children.

Encourage the child to play sports

The registration of the child in a sport is one of the solutions that the specialists offer regarding reducing the risk of alcohol abuse among adolescents.

It seems that those who are enrolled in a competitive sport have a much lower risk of developing such a habit harmful to health.

Athletes are generally very disciplined and are very aware of how badly addictive behaviors can be to their performance and results and prefer to stay away from them.

Be a positive example for him!

If you want to keep your child away from alcohol, it is important not to be exposed to such unhealthy habits in the family environment in which he or she grows up.

If alcohol consumption is a daily habit in your family, then the child will also be predisposed to adopt the same behavior.

What measures do you take to prevent alcohol abuse or addiction to your child? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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