And what should the child eat at 3-6 years

And what should the child eat at 3-6 years

Healthy nutritional principles help mothers be informed about what and how much the child should eat during the 3-6 year period, as the eating behavior in childhood largely determines the lifestyle of the future adult.

The varied diet, in sufficient and not exaggerated amounts, contributes to the general well-being of the preschoolers and ensures them a harmonious physical and mental development.

Starting with the age of 3 years, the child can tolerate all food groups, except for spicy preparations, canned products and alcoholic beverages. As the appetite may vary from one chick to another, parents have the obligation to properly feed the amount of food and the number of daily meals.

Here's how to recommend nutritionists to consume a preschooler and what type of nutrition is recommended at this age.

Daily menu of the child between 3-6 years

The daily menu of the child between 3-6 years must be diversified, more precisely to contain a basic food from all the main categories. In addition, the child's refusal to eat should be anticipated by presenting the dishes as attractive as possible.

The ideal structure is 3 meals per day and two snacks, along with 1 liter of liquids per day (water, juice or soups).

Breakfast it will be similar to the one of the parents, more exactly a single cup of milk or cocoa, a bread spread with butter and honey, cereals or tea with bread and sweets.

Snack from 10 o'clock it is optional, consisting of easily digestible foods: a fruit, biscuits with cereals, yogurt with seeds, etc.

Lunch it will ideally contain soup or soup first, a consistent preparation the second way and a fruit as a dessert.

Snack from 4 pm It is not mandatory, but it can be a good opportunity to provide the child with important nutrients and to prevent abuse at dinner (if applicable). It can consist of natural fruit juice, a glass of milk / yogurt, an apple, a tart or a homemade carrot cake.

Dinner it is received with enthusiasm by the children who usually refuse to eat during the day, which is why it is advisable to easily digest food for a good quality sleep. Dairy is an inspired option, and meat and sweets would be good to miss.

The ideal quantities of foods in the diet of the child of 3-6 years

Depending on the main food groups, you can determine the ideal quantity of daily portions for the child of 3-6 years:

  • Milk and milk: 4 servings / day of 125-200 ml
  • Animal products: 3 servings / day of 85 g
  • Fruits and vegetables: 4-6 servings / day of each 125 g
  • Bread / flour: 4 servings / day of each 28-50 g
  • Fats (butter, margarine etc): minimum 1 teaspoon / day

The total daily caloric intake should be at least 1300 kcal and maximum 1800 kcal. According to the scheme prepared by nutritionists, sugar will be taken mainly from fruits.

Menu ideas and food recommendations for children aged 3-6

Do you want your little one to prefer baked potatoes instead of fried ones and milk instead of sour juices? Then you must adopt the same healthy habits.

Here are some menu ideas for preschoolers:

Menu 1

Breakfast: milk with cocoa, bread with butter and ham

Lunch: broth, chicken food with vegetables, melon

Dinner: rice with milk

Menu 2

Breakfast: tea, a brioche, a peach

Lunch: chicken soup, fish with broccoli oven, burnt sugar

Dinner: sweet cheese with pasta

Menu 3

Breakfast: cereals with milk, 2 strawberries

Lunch: lobster soup, eggplant mousse, homemade cake with nuts

Dinner: pudding with cheese, yogurt

Children's snack ideas

For snacks, you can get inspired by the following healthy options:

  • a spread with butter and plum jam;
  • biscuits made from whole grains and cheese;
  • yogurt;
  • milk with chocolate;
  • a boiled egg;
  • baked and crisp sweet potatoes;
  • a fruit (sea, para, 2 plums etc);
  • fruit puree;
  • mix of hazelnuts, nuts and almonds;
  • 2 cross carrots;
  • raisins;
  • a banana;
  • Oatmeal cookies with berries.

To combat the child's predisposition to prefer unhealthy foods over recommended foods, you can apply the following tricks:

Keep sweets and fast food away: your little one will not ask for chocolate bars, chips and hamburgers if he does not have them at hand.

It replaces white flour with whole wheat flour: from bread to biscuits and pastries, all are healthier like this.

"Camouflage" inspired non-attractive vegetables: Grease peanut butter with celery or glaze the apples with honey.

Diversify the menu with pineapple, blueberries, mango and other exotic new products for the child.

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