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The sweetness of the donuts

The sweetness of the donuts

If until now you used pickles for pickles, you need to know that you can prepare them and the sweetness.


Preparation time

120 minutes




1 kg goggles (red tomatoes)

1/2 kg old


2 sliced ​​ginger

1 vanilla paste

Method of preparation

Wash the goggles well, then clean the side where it was coded. Cut in half and sprinkle with the seeds.

The gutters thus cleaned will be cut into small cubes, then put in a pot, over low heat. Leave for about half an hour, until softened well.

Then, over the cubes of donuts add sugar, and optionally flavored with ginger and vanilla paste.

The sweet is kept boiling until the syrup begins to bind, ie about 20 minutes.

The sweet is kept in sterilized jars, which seal tightly.


From the given ingredients come about 4 small jars of sweetness, but you can increase the number of ingredients, depending on the desired quantity.

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