Top 5 sports ideal for your child

Top 5 sports ideal for your child

Top 5 sports ideal for your child

We all know how important physical activity is for a healthy life, and practicing a sport will definitely help your child develop harmoniously and learn habits that will catch them well in adult life.

The love for sports is learned from childhood and especially with the power of example. An active parent will be a role model for his or her child, thus avoiding the problems inherent in lack of movement and sedentary lifestyle.

In our century, more than ever, we must pay more attention to the way our little one looks at sport. If we parents are having fun going out and playing all kinds of games that we were physically demanding, our little ones have at their disposal electronic games, tablets, video games that are hiding in the hut with the hours.

In addition to the multitude of technological attractions, our children are also tempted by fast food, ultra-processed and unsaturated foods which, once they become part of the child's menu, can only have a negative impact on their health.

One way to keep him away from these temptations is to guide him to a sport. Sport will teach him discipline and with his help he will consume his energy and spend his free time in a constructive way. Sometimes they tell us they want to go to football or ballet, but if they do not show signs that they want to play any sport, our intervention is necessary with a few suggestions or even signing up for a sport of our choice. Until he finds his favorite sport, it may take several tries.

We show you five of the most beneficial and fun sports your kid can play since he was young.


This is one of the few sports that can be practiced by babies. It may seem to you that it is still too small for such an activity, but babies are already accustomed to the fluid environment because they stay in their tummy for 9 months in the amniotic fluid.

Discover the benefits of swimming for your child

Swimming will promote their harmonious physical development, being studies that attest to the fact that babies who practice swimming are earlier and take the first steps earlier. In addition to developing motor skills, swimming stimulates intelligence and ability to concentrate.

Schools where your little one can practice swimming

Sara Grand Resort

Address: Tineretului Street, Nr. 5, Cluj, Floresti

Phone: 0749.455.119


Email: [email protected]

Sport Club Free Style

Address: Mihai Bravu Street, Nr. 36-38, Bucharest, Sector 2

Phone: 0723.724.764


Email: [email protected]

Poseidon Club

Address: Strada Popa Marin, Nr. 2, Bucharest, Sector 1

Phone: 031.437.8363 / 0740.580.052


Email: [email protected]

Sports dance

Like swimming, sports dancing is also a part of sports that can be practiced from an early age. It is a fun, dynamic activity and we can guarantee that it is for children.

Sports dances for children. From what age?

The little ones who practice sports dance are more graceful, this activity developing their mobility and agility. At the same time, the dance gives them an impeccable posture for the little ones and contributes to the toning of the whole body.

Schools where your little one can practice sports dance

Phoenix Dance Club

Address: Vlad Dracu Street, 11, Bucharest, Sector 3

Phone: 021.327.5116 / 0722.431.152


Milady Dance Club

Address: Strada Arcului, Nr. 8, Neamt, Piatra Neamt

Phone: 0747.454.719


Email: [email protected]

Hobby Dance

Address: Strada Resita, Nr. 37, Bucharest, Sector 4

Phone: 031.1028.651


Email: [email protected]


It is the most popular sport from us in the country and indeed throughout Europe. It would not be surprising if your little boy expressly asked you to enroll him in a school where to learn Hagi's sport.

The benefits of playing soccer for your child

It is a good choice because it sets in motion all the muscle groups of the body contributing to a harmonious development. Agility and coordination are also benefits that you will enjoy if you practice this sport.

Schools where your little one can play football

Sport Team

Address: Primo Nebiolo Street, 2, Bucharest, Sector 1

Phone: 0765.452.730


Email: [email protected]

Football School Pressing

Address: Bucharest, Sector 1

Phone: 0726.699.055


Email: [email protected]

AFC Calcio football school Bucharest

Address: Strada Luica, Nr. 70, Sector 4, Bucharest

Phone: 0726.202.726, 0722.268.244


Email: [email protected]


Tennis has become very popular lately, especially after the ascension of Simona Halep, so more and more parents want their little ones to move to white sports.

Tennis in your child's life!

This sport helps to develop the muscular and bone system and develops coordination and reaction speed for the child. Starting with 5 years your little one can be introduced to the world of tennis, and at 7 years he can practice sports in the true sense of the word.

Schools where your little one can play tennis

The Tennis Club Amg

Address: Belsugului Street, Nr. 40-42, Bucharest, Sector 6

Phone: 0724.212.974 / 0744.538.085


Email: [email protected]

Minitenis for children

Address: Calea Vitan, Nr. 120, Bucharest, Sector 3

Phone: 0724.002.186 / 0721.275.170


Email: [email protected]

Tennis Club Day

Address: Iuliu Maniu Boulevard, Bucharest, Sector 6

Phone: 0747,998,638

Website: //

Tennis Club Herastrau

Address: Sos. Nordului, Nr. 7-9, Bucharest, Sector 1

Phone: 031.620.11.94


Email: [email protected]

Complete guide to children's sports!

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