Pregnancy without brown spots!

Pregnancy without brown spots!

Bioderma Dermatological Laboratories launches Photoderm M SPF 50+ 40 ml the first colored protective photo cream that prevents the appearance of brown spots during pregnancy (pregnancy mask) and uniforms the skin.

The brown spots especially affect the face area and create a real discomfort due to the aesthetic appearance. Most often they take the form of a mask with an irregular contour, known as a pregnancy mask. Stains can affect the forehead, cheeks, cheeks or upper lip, and the highest incidence is among women with darker skin, phototype III or IV.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by the overproduction of melanin that appears against hormonal changes, such as: pregnancy, oral contraceptives or hormonal treatments. During these periods, when there is a high level of hormones, melanocytes are hyperstimulated. This hyperstimulation is intensified by ultraviolet rays, which is why the incidence of hyperpigmentation increases during the summer.

Unfortunately, no treatment was found to be sufficient to permanently eradicate hyperpigmentation.

According to Professor Thierry Passeron, dermatologist, professor at the Faculty of Medicine, doctor at the University Hospital of Nice, “even if the lesions are reduced or disappear as a result of the drug treatments, a recurrence of stains is observed in 80% of cases, despite the use of preventive measures (photoprotection ), because the treatment must be suspended during the summer, ”.

Even though sun exposure is the key element in the mechanism that triggers hyperpigmentation, UVA and UVB rays are not the only activation factor for hyperpigmentation. Prof. Thierry Passeron demonstrated that a certain wavelength in the visible spectrum (415 nanometers) also causes permanent pigmentation, which explains the hyperpigmentation recurrences, despite the use of photoprotection.

In collaboration with Professor Thierry Passeronsi based on clinical studies based on the latest findings on the mechanism of hyperpigmentation, BIODERMA Dermatological Laboratories have developed Photoderm M SPF 50+, a sunscreen product that associates for the first time sunscreens with substances that filter visible light, responsible by the formation of petelors active dermatological anti-stain substances, thus limiting the aesthetic hyperpigmentation. The exclusive Cellular Bioprotection® patent prevents cell degradation and premature aging of the skin.

Photoderm M SPF 50+

Tentacolorataaurie, covers the stains and uniforms the skin being an excellent base of makeup.

Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, photostable, water-resistant formula.

It does not contain parabens and perfume, it ensures excellent skin tolerance.

Recommended price in pharmacies:

Photoderm M SPF 50+, 40 ml - 59 RON