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Autism. Our children need us!

Autism. Our children need us!

Campaign Together We Overcome Autism initiated by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, the Civil Society Development Foundation and the Vodafone Foundation has more and more supporters.

The traveling exhibition with photographs of 23 children with autism for which the three foundations raise funds for the start has so far reached four companies - Verde Cafe, Microsoft Romania, Life Dental Care and Mega Group - Peugeot Timisoara.

So far, about 11,000 lei have been collected in the campaign accounts, money that will be offered to the first children who have to continue the ABA special therapy.
ABA therapy (applied behavioral analysis) is a therapy recognized worldwide as an effective treatment for autistic recovery.

The traveling exhibition "Our children need us" will continue in December.

"The therapy of a child with autism costs at least 1000 euros a month, money for the payment of therapists and materials. With only 20 euros, 50 employees can help a child to benefit from this recovery program for a month. If we manage to we find even more financial support, we will help more children ", says Silvia Asandi, RAA general manager.
The Romanian state offers parents of children with autism a disability aid of no more than 500 lei per month. If the foundations will raise more funds, more children with autism will be able to help.

Andreea Marin Banica also joined the campaign "Together We Overcome Autism" and promised that it would help increase the degree of information and awareness about this condition among public opinion and authorities.
"I went with Andrei, an autistic child, to the Parliament Palace to hand them directly to the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Bogdan Olteanu, the letter that brings to mind the difficult situation of the 30,000 autistic children in Romania and their families. received promises that we will move things in the right direction ", said Andreea Marin Banica.
The "Together we defeat autism" campaign was launched in November at the Carturesti Library in the Capital with an exhibition of moving photos of beautiful, delicate, sensitive children who struggle daily to get out of the captivity of their special worlds.

The campaign, which will run from November 2008 to April 2009, will continue in the coming months with an intense fundraising action, with activities to inform parents, doctors and public opinion, but also with advocacy activities to increase the degree of involvement of the competent public authorities to respond to the needs of children with autism in Romania.
A package of autism screening materials (poster, video and guide), made available by the Help Autism Now Society in the United States, will be printed and distributed to family physicians' offices.
Supporters of the "Together we beat autism" campaign have joined until now Manuela Harabor, Matei Calinescu, Bianca Brad, Dana Nalbaru, Andreea Marin Banica and the parents of several children with autism.
More information and stories of the children can be found at