Diet cheats. At the cafe with Mihaela Bilic

Diet cheats. At the cafe with Mihaela Bilic

In a nice cafe, in a friendly environment and a relaxed atmosphere, I met Mihaela Bilic, known as "celebrity nutritionist".

The one that at first glance may seem a pretentious nutritionist, precisely because it helped so many stars to regain their figure through a healthy lifestyle, is actually a jovial, not at all pretentious, nature that recommends with all confidence bean and soup.
Mihaela Bilic she gave us some coffee and diet tips and she told us about her book, "I live, so I refrain".

Diet of fresh mom ...

About the diet of a woman after birth, Dr. Mihaela Bilic says that it should be a drastic one because bringing a child into the world causes the metabolism to decrease, so that burns occur more difficult and everything is much easier. .
It might sound weird, but breastfeeding can help you lose weight. So, if you can breastfeed, the nutritionist recommends doing it. Not only will your little one have many benefits from this, but so will you.
Regarding the diet of the mother during breastfeeding, Mihaela Bilic states that there is no problem: milk you have it or not and no matter what and how much you eat, the amount of milk does not decrease.
... and the pregnancy
In this case it is not just a cure for weight loss, but rather a preservation of healthy eating habits and an avoidance of higher consumption of food. A pregnant woman does NOT eat for 2!
Even obstetricians say that a woman should not gain much weight during pregnancy.
Sweet addiction
Sweet addiction was another topic touched by the nutritionist in our discussion. To get rid of this you must first realize your ability to resist the sweets. If you are capable of moderation, you can eat sweets in very small quantities, but if a squash of chocolate does not mean for you only the beginning of consuming the whole tablet, it is best to assume total abstinence.
Sugar is an aging factor, whether it is white, brown sugar, sugar cane or any other type. Therefore, Mihaela Bilic recommends replacing sugar with sweeteners (asparagus, cyclamate, saccharin, etc.).
At the same time, it is not recommended to replace fruit sweets, as they are acidic, with a high calorie content that does not bring the sensation of satiety and a high sugar content. "Fruits are not a help in weight loss," says a nutritionist.
The good news from the nutritionist is that ice cream is the least dangerously sweet for our figure. Of course we will not consume it in excess and the only one that has this quality is simple vanilla ice cream, without syrup ...

NOT dissociated diets

"The best cure is the one the body does not feel," says Mihaela Bilic, a follower of balanced and associated diets. The easiest we will weaken by "tricking" the body. This is why it is important that the number of calories decreases progressively when we start a weight loss.
As for those women who want to get fat, the doctor says that this is not easy. A person does not get fat, in most cases, due to a metabolism that has the ability to burn very quickly everything he assimilates. It is not easy to slow down the burns, but they will slow down as the years go by. Metabolism decreases and kilograms begin to accumulate.
The best foods for weight loss
Bean beans it is preferable instead of rice and pasta, having a high fiber content. "It is the richest source of vegetable protein, essential in vegetarian diets and with substantial calcium and iron intake."
meat, even that of a pig, "is the friend of the weight loss diet", bringing to the body not only the calorie intake and the feeling of satiety, but also a 'compulsion' to consume the calories accumulated.
Oily fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines, sleep, etc.) should be consumed 3 times a week, containing "the best fat".
Grapes and pears are the fruits preferred by Mihaela Bilic, both for taste and for other qualities they have.
About here our discussion with nutritionist Mihaela Bilic stopped and more useful information for weight loss will be found in her book, "I live, so I abstain", the best-selling book of 2008 in Romania.
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Simona Chiric