The Banana diet in the morning

The Banana diet in the morning

The Morning Banana Diet created a real hysteria among women everywhere. Even former opera singer Kumiko Mori has announced that she has lost 8 kilos through her "Morning Banana" diet. This diet is considered to be the simplest and fastest method of weight loss.

The diet was created by Hitoshi Watanabe, who studied preventive medicine in Tokyo and his wife, a pharmacist, Sumiko. The diet has grown in popularity through websites, TV shows, magazine articles and a book written by Watanabe.

What you can eat

For breakfast you can eat bananas and drink water at room temperature. For lunch, dinner and snacks you can eat whatever you want, as long as you do not eat after 8 pm.

The only restrictions: no ice cream, dairy, alcohol or desserts after dinner. The only drink you can drink at the table is water at room temperature. Only one sweet snack is allowed in the afternoon.
One of the most popular aspects of dieting is that it does not focus on exercise. Dieters are advised to exercise only if they want to, and then only in a less stressful way.

How it works

There are several theories that try to convince us how bananas help to lose weight. One of them says that certain enzymes contained in bananas speed up digestion and facilitate rapid weight loss. It is true that high-fiber foods, such as bananas, can pass faster through the digestive system and so the body absorbs fewer calories, but this is not enough for a substantial weight loss.

Another theory says that banana contains a certain type of fiber that causes the sensation of satiety and increases the fat burning process. This fiber can also be found in green bananas, potatoes, grains and grains, but only when you eat them cold. But the banana has quite a few grams of this fiber.

Bananas, along with many other fruits, have been included in diets for a long time. They contain important nutrients, but they have no special properties when it comes to weight loss.


Eating what you want for lunch, dinner and snacks is not the ideal solution for those who want to lose weight. To lose weight you need to exercise and control your calories. To stay healthy you have to choose healthy foods.

Eating after eight in the evening is good advice, but it does not work miracles. What matters is how many calories you eat, regardless of the time of day, and how many calories you burn.
Eating a banana in the morning is a low calorie solution, but the banana contains fiber, and carbohydrates will cause you to feel hungry a few hours later.
A better solution is to mix a banana with a few ice cubes and a weak yogurt for a delicious and tasty breakfast.
To quench your hunger with a few calories eat healthy foods with high water content and fiber such as soups, vegetables and fruits. It also includes weak proteins, such as weak yogurt, lean meat, eggs, and nuts to ward off the hunger sensation.

Keep in mind that this morning's Banana Diet does not work wonders and to lose weight you must burn more calories than you eat.

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