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New Beverly Hills Diet

New Beverly Hills Diet

New Beverly Hills Diet

The new Beverly Diet is based on the "smart combination" of foods, in short, eating the right foods at the right time.
The original Beverly Hills diet was a very restrictive 42-day program. The new diet abandons many of the restrictions of the original diet and proposes a more balanced eating plan.

The phrase "balanced weekly diet" is very important, according to the creator of the diet, Judy Mazel. She believes that bad eating habits started with setting three meals a day and continued with combining carbohydrates with proteins and fruits with anything else.
"Not what you eat or how much you eat," according to Mazel, "but when you eat and what you eat in combination."
For those who want to do a lot of sports and enjoy the fruits this diet is ideal.

What you can eat

In the new Beverly Hills diet, proteins are eaten with protein (and fats), carbohydrates with carbohydrates (and fats) and fruits can be eaten alone.
The day starts with any fruit from a long list of enzymatic fruits, such as pineapple, strawberries, grapes or melons.
Enjoy the fruit of your choice in an unlimited number, but wait an hour before eating another fruit, and two hours before eating carbohydrates, fats or proteins. Once you have eaten from one of these groups you are not allowed to eat anything from another group for the rest of the day.
If the next thing you eat after fruits contains carbohydrates, you can eat carbohydrates without restrictions until you consume protein. If you ate protein, even in very small amounts, 80% of what you eat for the rest of the day should be protein.
Where do drinks fit into this equation? Fruit juices and wine fall into the fruit category, and the rest of the drinks fall into the carbohydrate category, except champagne, which is considered a neutral food and goes with anything.
One meal a day is considered "open" in the sense that you can eat protein and carbohydrates combined. If that meal happens to be lunch, then 80% of the meal the rest of the day should be protein only.
You can lose weight, according to Mazel, between 5-7 kilograms in the 35 days of initiation.

How it works

The food does not cause fattening, according to Mazel, but inefficiently digested food. "When you mix different groups of foods you confuse the enzymes and you start to gain weight," says the creator of the diet.
What you need to know about food groups:
• Fruits ("mini-carbohydrates", but have only one group) are in principle easy to digest (15-20 minutes).
• All other carbohydrates can take up to 3 hours to digest. To make it easier to digest, Mazel recommends chewing the food many times before swallowing it.
• Proteins can be digested for up to 10 hours and are needed to help stomach acid.
• Fats are almost never eaten alone, so we don't know how they act on the digestive system alone, but we know that they certainly slow down the digestion process.
Inefficiency occurs, says Mazel, when you block a type of easily digestible food, such as, for example, a carbohydrate-rich potato with a hard-to-digest food, such as steak. Mazel says that while your body tries to digest protein with stomach acid, it neutralizes the enzymes in saliva needed to digest carbohydrates. This is poorly digested food and leads to weight gain.
Exercise is not mandatory, although it is recommended for mental health, a healthy heart and good circulation.

What the experts say

A spokesman for the American Association of Dietitians said, although it is effective, in the sense that you lose weight, it is not very healthy because it does not contain all the necessary nutrients.
And the theory of food pairing is not sustainable, experts say. You lose weight with this diet because you eat less calories, not because you combine them intelligently.
The food plan, however, has good parts because it includes many fruits and vegetables.
Mazel's plan has several qualities, but in the long term it proves to be useless because it does not incorporate physical exercise and control of calorie intake.

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